Unfortunetly I stopped taking pictures of my work several years ago so I don't have much to post.  This page has some pieces I have done in more recent years
Sliegh bed with bookmatched cherry veneer formed on my vacuum press.
Cherry bowfront vanity
One of the desks in our office (excuse the mess)
Communion table.  Also did the pulpit behind it.
Choir loft at our church.  Our company supplied the molding and panels but I did not do all of he installation.  Don & Timothy Barr of Patriot Construction did most of the site work.
Some of the range hoods we make at Georgia Hardwoods.  I don't build our regular orders but I did design and build these prototypes.
A couple of the wooden gear clocks I built.  I like wooden gear clocks so much I gave them thier own page
Cherry reception and filing area