My name is Scott Wilson.  This site displays some examples of my work.  Segmented turnings are my favorite. Segmented turnings are comprised of many small pieces cut and glued into concentric rings to form bowls or vessels. I am a wood hoarder. When I find a board with great figure or color I hang onto it until I find a project that is worthy. I have a few special boards I found 20 years ago that still do not have a home. I keep every little scrap of Ebony or Cocobolo. It pains me to waste wood which is why segmented turning is appealing to me. Small pieces can be cut up and glued together to make big spectacular turnings with very minimal waste. All the little scraps I have saved over the years get new life. I believe that showcasing the wood is as important as the design and functionality of the piece.  The turnings are finished with multiple coats of catalyzed lacquer, buffed and rubbed with renaissance wax.     

This site was originally set up to sell my bowls.  They are all gone now but I didn't want to shut down the site so now it there are just pictures of old inventory.  If you would like to commission a piece or if you just want to talk shop.  Contact me @  I would love to hear from you.  Thanks for visiting my site. 

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men  Colossians 3:23   

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